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PVC material Shopping trolley stem wheels

This is a very popular castor for the replacement of supermarket shopping trolleys.

The stem castors made by PVC material, it’s Cost-effective wheels. If you want a number of cheap and good quality wheels, then the castors made by CARING EQUIPMENT is a good choice for you.

Threaded stem inserts directly into carts or racks. No bolts required. This make the replacement very easy, everyone can replace the wheels of shopping carts easily.

PVC material Shopping trolley stem wheels

Model: CA-PVC castor
Dimensions: 100×25 mm(4 inches)
Material: PVC material
Maximum load: 50kgs
Surface finish: black or red
one ball raceway

Can be customized

This PVC stem wheels Application for:

  1. Garden centres carts
  2. shopping carts trolleys
  3. Tool carts
  4. Platform trolley
  5. Recycling carts
  6. DIY store carts
  7. More Industries carts

If you need big quantity of these shopping trolley wheels, Suggest you can choose to ship by sea.

By air and other logistic company is also available. Door to door shipping is OK.

Small qty will send them to you by Express, such as DHL, Fedex.

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