A developing and producing efficient logistics solutions for retail and industries.

About CARING Manufacturer

  • We founded CARING company in 1996, and it has since become a trusted supplier of materials handling equipment to many high profile companies.

  • The factory located in Suzhou, China.  Today, Our factory have more than 80 employees to ensure our services and production capacity.

  • Our continuous improvement has enabled our business to bring further value without any compromise on quality or service.

  • The strength of CARING EQUIPMENT is based on the joint performance of all CARING peoples.

  • Design divisions set their sights on finding optimal products and system solutions for our customers day after day.

  • With more and more people preferring to do business online, so CARING decided to develop the website to provide another sales platform.

Our CARING Company is a China factory can simplify your supply chain and provides high quality and trusted materials handling equipment, designed and constructed to maximize efficiencies from manufacture to point of sale.

Meet CARING Peoples

Thank you for all the people in CARING Company, because CARING’s strength is based on the joint performance of all CARING peoples.

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Trusted Partners

CARING is a continuously grown manufacturer with traditional values for 23 years, become a trusted and preferred supplier of materials handling equipment to a number of high profile companies.