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CARING was founded in 1996, and it has since become a trusted supplier of metal products to many high profile companies. The factory located in Zhangjiagang city, Suzhou, China. Today, Our factory has more than 70 employees to ensure our services and production capacity, including 5 desingers can provide design services.

Our Customer Say

” As A first cooperation, the quality and innovative ideas from CARING material handling equipment made an excellent impression on us. As one of the leading manufacturer in the retail market, it is vital that we work professionally and efficiently. With CARING roll containers and retail trolleys, we have found a quality partner who can provide us with positive support in many areas.”

Harry Smith • Manager, SHI Retail Group

“From 2014, coordination between us and our contacts at CARING EQUIPMENT was perfect. They were able to develop a laundry trolley within 2 weeks which met absolutely all our requirements. A sample was supplied, and we commenced delivery immediately. ”


“In the past, we have used heavy 20 to 25 kg logistic boxes to move the goods around. These had to be moved on average so many times (about 7-8 times) in order to be loaded onto the truck and send it to our customers, After CARING EQUIPMENT provide us roll containers, we only have to be moved only three or four times. Their material handling tools is really a good solution for our logistic industry.”

Christopher - Engineer, LPY Logistic
CARING Partners

CARING is a continuously grown manufacturer with traditional values for 23 years, become a trusted and preferred partner of material handling equipment to a number of high profile companies.

CARING Equipment Services

CARING, Specialist of Material Handling Equipment, a trusted and preferred supplier of material handling tools to a number of high profile companies.

Call us by CARING 24/7 online +86 18913618055

Your partner for efficient design of material handling equipment, Our commitment to the customer and continual improvement has enabled our business to bring further value without any compromise on quality or service.

Get CARING design service according to your requirements for free now!

Choose CARING Convenient and fast Door to Door shipping .

Our metal products provide one-year warranty service, also have Original spare parts guarantee the standard of quality defined by CARING.

CARING 24/7 online +86 18913618055, Email: [email protected]


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